Rheometry and rheology

What is rheometry?

Rheometry deduces like rheology from the Greek word rheos = flow. So rheology is the science of flow while rheometry deals with the measurement of material's flow properties. Flow means the continuous deformation of material as effect of external forces, the reaction of the material is the subject of rheology and rheometry.



What is the purpose of the rheometry of building materials?

While the polymer-rheology is an international wide developed area of science, the application of the knowledge for building materials is still situated at the beginning. However, in this field there are substantial chances, especially to improve the process observation, the quality assurance as well as the development of new materials.

With more filigree concrete components, with more varied properties, with denser reinforcement the material and process properties of green concrete and mortar will become more and more important. Insufficient flow properties or their change resulting of external forces and / or additives must not have negative influence to the quality of the construction.

If the composition of a masonry or plaster mortar is more complicatedly and more different to binder materials, then the question about the material and process properties of such multi-stock systems will be more conspicuously.

For that the rheology provides a qualified theoretical background to develop appropriate analysis methods. But however, one should take into consideration, that the special composition of such materials - consisting of bulk and fluid - needs special measurement equipment, too.



What is the offer of  R. VOGEL - FORSCHUNG?

R. VOGEL - FORSCHUNG   has the necessary scientific and technical knowledge to offer the complete service for your rheometrical tasks, that means especially:

  • system analysis and surveys
  • planning of measurement structures and evaluation strategies
  • development and production of special measuring heads
  • delivery of complete test equipment
  • scientific support for test processes and analysis
  • performance of laboratory and model tests

A special focus of the research points to rheometrical investigations of all "debris fluids" (mixtures of fluids and solids) independent from the type of binder.